The most important single factor influencing learning is what that learner already knows; ascertain this and teach ... accordingly.
- David Ausubel (1968)

Welcome to this ever-expanding database of students’ science misconceptions derived from more than 8500 empirical and anecdotal studies. Teachers might consult the database to see what ideas students are likely to have before beginning a lesson and perhaps adjust instruction as a result. Others might consult the database to see what areas of science have been neglected in the research or to consider updating older studies.

We invite everyone to add to the database in one of two ways. First, there are many published studies that still have not been coded. Go to the “Contributor” tab and choose one of the uncoded articles, complete the coding sheet and submit it to Sci-MAP. Second, if you know of a study or article not refereced in Sci-MAP or have some ancedotal information to share, you are also encouraged to contribute.

There are two ways to use Sci-MAP. Using the features below, you can explore in a particuar area of science or use the open search function by looking for any word included in the database.

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